UnKämen Abyssinians is a "CFA" Registered cattery
located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York
at the base of the scenic Shawangunk Ridge
in the small hamlet of Plattekill.

The name UnKämen was chosen as a play on word with the
Egyptian King Tutankhamen,
representing their implied Egyptian heritage and
the focus we have on breeding the
“Uncommon” colors of blue and fawn.
These colors, though not the only colors we produce,
are our main focal point.

We have been breeding Abyssinians since 1998.
Over the years we have had the opportunity to enjoy many
fun loving, beautiful, healthy kittens

Our primary dedication to the Abyssinian breed is to produce
healthy well-adjusted cats for show and for pets
as seen on our “Extended Family” page.

We have enjoyed many wonderful successes in the show ring
and have worked very hard to achieve Grand, Regional Winning and
Distinctive Merit Status in “CFA” the Cat Fanciers Association.

It is with great satisfaction and pride that we continue to breed these
wonderful animals for show and the enjoyment of their future families.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

unkamen abyssinians
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