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Tari and Tifa
My husband had the picture of our girls in his locker at work and one of his co-workers asked him how he got them to pose like that.  He said, "Tari, Tifa, hold up your left paw."   Abyssinians are amazingly intelligent creatures. We love our girls!!!
  . . . The Ramsey's
Unkamen's Tifa
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Unkamen's Little Girl

Everyone, this is Unkamen Little Girl, or simply Elgee. 
She is a registered Blue Abyssinian, and has become the absolute power in my home.
  . . . Mike Powell
UnKamen's Little Girl
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UnKamen's Molly Somali
Molly's favorite water bowl is our bathroom sink. 
She will meow at us until we fill it for her!
She entertains us by playing fetch with her mouse.
She is an absolute joy.
. . . Pam and Pete Gatos
UnKamen's Molly Somali
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UnKamen's Hudson on a mission

This is UnKamen's Hudson.
He is a "Man with a Mission!"
. . . Malcolm Magri
UnKamen's Hudson relaxing
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Unkamen's Indigo Joy
Here is our very own blue boy, "UnKamen's Indigo Joy."  Flirty, playful and sooo sweet.  "We've gown accustomed to his face, it always makes the day begin (usually around 3 AM!), we were supremely independent and content before we met,
and surely we could always be that way again and yet..." we wouldn't know what to do without him.  He is truly a joy.
... Patricia and Bob Flenner
Unkamen's Indigo Joy
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Unkamen's Goliath
Goliath doing a little leisure reading. You know: Plato, T.S. Eliot, Tolkien's "Silmarilion,".........he even threw in a little Nietzsche I think.
... David Hines
Unkamen's Goliath
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