This page was created in remembrance of those special cats, the cats that have helped us promote our vision of the Abyssinian and Somali breed.
Some are part of our family, some are sharing their lives with our extended family and some are with us in our thoughts.
All will always have a special place in our hearts.
GC, RW Clarion's Toot of Unkamen
GC Luvnhome Rainy Day Blues of UnKamen
CH Unkamen's Orion
GC Unkamen's Blue By You
CH Clarion's Kara Shah of Unkamen, DM
Larger view
GP Unkamen's Pedro
GC Clarion's Twilight of Unkamen
CH Unkamen's From Russia With Love
CH Starstuff's Sarafina of Unkamen
GC Clarion's Russian Sun of Unkamen
CH Unkamen Territory of Tijah
GC Clarion's Dune of Unkamen
CH UnKamen's Tsarina Katarina
CH Zabania's Rumor Has It of UnKamen
Larger view
GC Clarion's Captured Heart of Unkamen
CH Unkamen's Ravenheart of Tijah
CH Unkamen's Heartbreaker
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